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Let’s assume Matt has decided to launch his own startup. At first, Matt will begin funding at home – himself, his friends, and his family. But slowly, he will start looking at venture capital, angel investors, crowdfunding and more. As he builds his company with financing Matt will generate hundreds of transactions in that first year. Now Matt is an entrepreneur but he has zero knowledge of how accounting works, or what he should do with financials. For him, taking assistance from an outsourced service is a very viable and attractive option!


Matt seeks help from experts at tempCFO. At tempCFO, we value the convenience of our clients by leveraging best of breed software and practices. Even though Matt’s company is still a startup, he constantly needs reliable and accurate financials to present to his investors. How do we help him do that? We take his accounting to the cloud with NetSuite.

NetSuite is a full accounting platform with ERP capabilities that provides entrepreneurs with a 360 degree view of their company’s operations and financial health. tempCFO’s partnership with NetSuite allows startups like Matt’s to benefit from a world class, cloud-based accounting and ERP system from day one. NetSuite’s extensive customization support allows Matt to create additional data fields and track product and customer specific information enabling insightful financial and operations reporting. As his company grows with revenue and employees Matt never needs to worry about the complications and costs involved in transitioning accounting systems, a risky eventuality of choosing other small business accounting packages at an early stage.  As his company grows, we make sure that he never outgrows his accounting software.

Watch tempCFO’s Alan Yang speak about how we partner with NetSuite in providing seamless and effective financial expertise.

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