How Joining inDinero Helps tempCFO Give Startups Expert Accounting

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tempCFO joins inDinero's team to help startups of all sizes be financially ready for anything

Earlier this month, we announced that tempCFO was joining inDinero to bring together the best of breed talent, technology, process, and resources in finance and give businesses the value they need from their accounting and taxes.

Since 1999, tempCFO has been a financial partner to thousands of companies helping them plan for and navigate the rough waters of growing their business. This wasn’t easy at first. Our original team of seven CFOs had their work cut out for them as they pioneered the idea of outsourcing financial functions to small to medium-sized businesses. Today, as more and more businesses are eagerly embracing the idea of contracting their accounting and taxes with an outside expert, our vision is shifting to the next frontier of financial services: technology.

Leveraging Technology to Expand tempCFO’s Capabilities and Reach

If you’re unfamiliar with inDinero, they are the industry-leading financial technology provider for tech business. Like tempCFO, they use a team approach that includes technical accounting and tax experts. We have long admired inDinero’s unique tools and resources for businesses, their focus on entrepreneurs, and their great team and culture.

Both tempCFO and inDinero share a vision to give accountants more time to focus on what they love—consulting with the entrepreneurs on ways to spend wisely, bring products to market, and hit aggressive goals.

Our decision to join inDinero’s team aligns with my vision of changing how business owners think about and interact with their finances. You will see new features and services over the next few years that will absolutely transform how you grow your business and face financial obstacles.

A Financial Partner That Meets Businesses Where They Are and Delivers Maximum Value

tempCFO has always excelled in pairing financial talent and with a consistent process that allows CFOs to deliver immediate value to growing businesses. But, in our history, we’ve been limited to sharing our offering with a particular segment of the small business market. With inDinero, we’ll not only have the methodology and team, but we’ll have technology that can help us do this more efficiently and with more entrepreneurs than ever before.

inDinero’s technology will also give tempCFO’s team the resources we need to offer streamlined services to earlier-stage businesses. As a client of inDinero + tempCFO, this would mean you have a financial team that can spend more time focusing on your business and solving your problems, and less time on day-to-day operational minutiae. This translates into a maximum amount of value and an enhanced ability to reach and communicate with your team.

Rounding Out the All-in-One Finance Team

By adding tempCFO to inDinero, we can offer an accounting and tax team that is equipped to handle a business’s needs from early-stage seed startups all the way through acquisition or IPO for less than the cost of an in-house hire. As our two strategies become one, we plan on finding opportunities to pull in more pieces that will add to that team offering. At the core of our mission, we want to bring the many financial functions under one roof so entrepreneurs can have a comprehensive financial solution under a single point of contact at any stage of growth.

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