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Timely and accurate financials are of utmost importance to any company regardless of size. But as a startup bearing the cost of a fully staffed accounting department is unrealistic. An alternative is to seek outsourced expertise that can offer in-depth knowledge alongside flexible resources to manage your monthly operations and all reporting needs.

Early stage ventures and startups can benefit significantly from engaging with an accounting outsourcing provider to both leverage the provider’s expertise as the company grows and also ensure the company’s financials are rigorously maintained. tempCFO enables management to focus on its core competencies, instead of building an accounting department. We offer a thorough and customizable accounting service ensuring the integrity of your financials. Outsourcing can provide the capabilities of a full-featured accounting department at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution.

  • Industry proven accounting procedures

    tempCFO follows a rigorous monthly close cycle with standard and customized reporting. As a client, you can leverage proven accounting policies and procedures, developed with over 20 years’ experience in providing services to the venture startup market.

  • US GAAP compliance and accrual accounting

    Compliance with recognized accounting principles is fundamental to proper financial reporting. tempCFO’s team holds the necessary certifications to ensure correct handling of activities in the company's accounting database. With this expertise we enable our clients to submit regular and validated financials to investors and VCs.

  • Full coverage of finance management functions

    Our team capabilities cover all accounting functions, including payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, management reporting and all cash and accrual transaction handling.

  • Skillsets optimized for venture-backed startups

    tempCFO presents expertise in all financial complexities faced by startups including revenue recognition, financial forecasting, departmental allocations and budget creation.

tempCFO has your back

  • Reliable and accurate financial statements and management reports
  • Robust and dependable accounting processes based on industry-proven workflows
  • Experience and perspective developed with over 20 years of VC and startup experience
  • A comprehensive technology platform and expertise to ensure you’re always in the cloud