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Outsourced CFO Services – Your Financial Partner

Communicating financials, whether to your board, investors or employees, is an integral part of the startup growth process. As a startup owner, you need a robust support system to make sure your financial information is reliable. High-quality financial expertise can be very cost effective, which is why tempCFO focuses on delivering optimum CFO services.

At tempCFO, you’re not just a client, you are a partner. We work with you to grow your business and take it all the way from seed to exit. Working with financials isn’t just a business role, it’s a strategic move. Our CFOs work with SMBs to fill the gap between cost-effectiveness and quality support for financial growth.

TempCFO Outsourced CFO Services
  • Business Planning
  • Budgets, Forecasts and Variance Analysis
  • Create and Maintain Formal Financial Policies and Procedures
  • Internal Audit and External Audit Preparation and Interface
  • Board Representation
  • Establish Banking Relationships
  • Assist in Negotiating Equity and Debt Funding
  • Budget, Forecasts, Cash Management
  • Budget, Forecasts, Cash Management

    tempCFO relieves upper management of time-consuming financial and accounting responsibilities, enabling your company’s leaders to concentrate on core competencies. We provide expertise and experience for each step you need to take to develop SMART business plans and budgets. We will help in developing a long term strategic forecast and cash management system that will stand by any financing or capital raise process.

  • Decision Support
  • Decision Support

    tempCFO develops strategies that help senior management and the board of directors make well-informed business decisions that are 'right on the money'. We work to understand your end objective and align our solutions accordingly.

  • Financial Transactions
  • Financial Transactions

    tempCFO has the experience and capacity to negotiate debt financing and assist in capital raising. This service can extend your cash burn rate allowing you to meet and surpass management and investor milestones. tempCFO can handle the financing process from start to funding to exit by providing apt documentation, advisory and technical support.

  • Seamless Financial Processes
  • Seamless Financial Processes

    Our team can implement policies and procedures to provide you with essential controls over your company’s assets. We can also play an active role in selecting and implementing accounting information systems. You can get the benefit of experience and insight without the cost of hiring a full-time CFO.

tempCFO ultimately provides

  • A clear vision of cash burn
  • Strategies for managing cash more effectively and efficiently
  • Milestone-driven schedule for raising capital
  • Realistic, achievable process for bench-marking management’s plan and investor expectations