An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Media

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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Media


Why should I care about marketing?

Being an entrepreneur is already a very time-consuming job, and your primary focus should always be running your business. When you are constantly busy securing new funders or working on product updates, marketing may be the last thing on your mind. However, your goal as an entrepreneur should be to share your story with as many people as possible in order to gain customers, clients, and funding, and this is exactly where marketing plays a crucial role.

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What tools can I use to market my business? 

Leveraging social media is a key method to marketing your business. Platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to engage easily with other entrepreneurs while attempting to get key industry influencers to notice your business by following them, retweeting/reposting their content, liking their posts, and participating in conversations with them through hashtags. Social media can be used to establish relationships with current and potential clients by updating them on product releases or product updates, informing them of interesting events you will be attending, live-tweeting conferences, and using relevant hashtags.

Small businesses that maintain active blogs are 126% more likely to generate leads, and the marketing of this content is the key to the storytelling your business needs to gain and maintain clients. Content marketing allows you to connect with your customers or clients by demonstrating your knowledge of your industry, as you are enhancing your brand by providing content consistent with your reputation. It also allows you to demonstrate your humanity to your customers and show them that you are more than just your product. While it may not always seem like it to you, your journey as an entrepreneur is interesting and you have learned a lot over the years through your experience, so do not be afraid to post content about your personal story in addition to business insight specific to your industry.

Posting on social media and blogging is not enough to effectively market your business – you should also create a social media calendar. In order to maintain your maximum productivity and peace of mind, you must strategically plan out your social media content. This allows you to be consistent and ensures you will never be in a pinch for something to post. A social media calendar should include blog posts, social media posts, promotion of blog posts, important upcoming events you will attend and cover, holidays you want to post on social media for, and days to review and evaluate your current social media strategy and performance. 

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when marketing?

Be consistent! Once you begin posting on social media and your blog, your followers will expect a routine and want you to be active and posting regularly. You must figure out how often you will blog – every day? Twice a week? Every Monday? Twice a month? The answer is different for every entrepreneur, but it is something important to consider. This is where your calendar and consideration of best practices come in handy.

While entrepreneurs do not always see the critical importance of marketing, they must execute a robust and measurable plan taking advantage of this storytelling tool in order to gain clients.

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