Cyber Security – the Need of the Hour!

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So, you’re all set to get your business up and running. You’ve got a beautiful website, your content is amazing, but it yet seems like you’re forgetting something. It might just be the most important element – cyber safety. With giants like Yahoo and LinkedIn suffering from the wrath of cybercrime, it is the need of the hour to prepare against cybercrime.

Whether your work station is a coffee shop or a fancy new office at Silicon Valley, startups are quickly becoming an easy target to cybercrime attacks. The best way to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of this unstoppable monster is take these simple, low-budget steps.

against cybercrime

Make sure IT has eyes everywhere.

It is imperative that your IT department or person is aware of every online activity in your network. They need to monitor what your employees are doing online, what tools they’re using and if your company’s data is being protected.

Use Encryption and SSL -backup

Encryption and SSL prevent hackers from accessing or tampering with communication and information exchanged through the website. It also protects your company from corporate espionage and copyright violation. A privacy policy, in this case, will also help in protection of your digital assets and their redistribution, unauthorized use and/or modification. Make sure your users as well as your employees are aware of what data you are collecting through your website and how you intend to use it.

Keeping a backup of all your information also helps in case of a breach. It will ensure you won’t lose complete control in case of an attack.

Social Media and online presence

It is obvious as a company you will have a social media presence. Social media profiles along with your website are the front of your company. That has as much potential of being hacked as much as your website. Your passwords not only need to be super-strong, they also need to be locked away in the vault of your mind. Since that is not a very feasible option, maybe you could use password managers. Make sure your employees don’t tape the password on their laptops or write them down in any place visible.

Train your team

Keep your team aware of a cyber-attack. Make sure they know the implications and preventive measures. Train them to practice safe online browsing and information exchange. Scanning an unknown USB memory stick before using, not clicking links from unknown sources, monitoring their downloads, are a few simple things they can take care of.

Keep yourself updated

It is vital to keep your anti-virus and firewall software updated. But, it is also important to keep yourself updated regarding the latest methods of cybercrime, newest security measures and preventive methods.


The cyber monster is not inevitable, but it can be shooed away with an alert mind and smart work. After all, prevention is better than cure.


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