5 Movies to Inspire the Entrepreneur in You

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5 Movies to Inspire the Entrepreneur in You


We are all hungry for inspiration. But occasionally, a movie comes out that redefines our perspective. The right movie motivates us on a whole other level. But if you are a startup entrepreneur, we’ve got a list of movies that you must watch to get that head start. As you set to carve your destiny, you must know you’re not alone.
The Social Network

The story of Facebook isn’t all glory and fairy tales. From a million dollar law suit to a billion dollar company – The Social Network is Zuckerberg’s journey from a mere student to a ruthless businessman.


What makes entrepreneurs different? The willingness and the ability to take risks. If this movie doesn’t set your heart pumping, nothing will. This movie is about Steve Jobs and his fruitful journey with Apple. Need we say more about why the story of the greatest innovator can inspire you?

Jerry McGuire

This one is light. I’d like to believe that Jerry and Rod conquered it all with their friendship. Not only will you get to see a young Tom Cruise battling through the ups and downs of having to start over but you’ll also be completely mesmerized by how personal rapport can turn things around.

The Startup Kids


This documentary movie is more real. Watch young entrepreneurs and founders from startups like Vimeo and Dropbox talk about their entrepreneurial journey. And one thing you’ll definitely learn from watching it? Don’t be afraid to follow your dream.

Pursuit of Happyness

We saved the best for the last. It would almost be a sin to not include this movie in the list. Truth be told, entrepreneur or not, this movie is a hidden gem for anyone seeking some inspiration. Every instance in this movie has a deeper meaning to rejuvenate the spirit.


Have you seen them all? Well then, it’s time for that dream to become lights, camera, ACTion.

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