tempCFO, Inc. was founded in 1999 with Big Four accounting firm principles to provide fully outsourced financial services & accounting solutions. Since inception, we have specialized in meeting the needs of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), including start-ups, emerging high-growth and established companies. We help our clients create financial opportunity with services that range from optimizing cash management to mergers and acquisitions or transitioning from a privately held to a public company. By leveraging our infrastructure and experience, our clients can have savings of 50% or more compared to creating and maintaining similar capabilities in-house.

Early stage ventures and startups can benefit significantly from engaging with an outsourced accounting provider, both to leverage the provider’s expertise as the company grows and also ensure the company’s financials are rigorously maintained. tempCFO offers a thorough and customizable accounting service ensuring the integrity of your financials.

At tempCFO, you’re not just a client, you are a partner. We work with you to grow your business and take it all the way from seed to exit. Working with financials isn’t just a business role, it’s a strategic move. Our CFOs work with SMBs to fill the gap between cost-effectiveness and quality support for financial growth.

Taxes are a critical element of managing your company appropriately and safely. It makes complete sense for startups and early stage companies to partner with a tax expert. tempCFO offers full tax advisory and returns filing services to ensure your company adheres to all necessary regulatory requirements.

Bridge the gap between a great idea & a great business with the right financial partner. Get in touch to learn how we can help you.

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